Sports and International Law | 体育产业与国际法


Contact | 负责人:Guo Cai (蔡果)


D: +86 10 6594 1351

Address | 地址:  北京市朝阳区工体东路十八号

                               18 Worker Stadium East, Beijing, China

Ms. Guo Cai oversees the LexVeritas Sports and International Law Group, Jin Mao Law Firm (People's Republic of China), the first Chinese law firm to have a practice group dedicated to the sports industry. Ms. Cai graduated from Harvard Law School and China University of Political Science and Law. She also held an LLM in Human Rights (distinction) from the University of Hong Kong. Admitted to practice in China and the US (New York), Ms. Cai specialises in international dispute resolution and sports law, growing with the Chinese sports industry and connecting international best practice with sports in China.


Before entering the sports sector, Ms. Guo Cai gained extensive foreign-related experience from practicing with a top-ranking PRC law firm and a Wall Street Law Firm, both highly regarded for their arbitration department. Ms. Guo Cai’s legal credential is solid, with particular strength in combining foreign-related legal expertise with Chinese reality. 


Sensitive to business needs, she appreciates the value of diversity and thinks out of box. Her approach is always based on law but not refrained by it – she sees the big picture and is well positioned to advise clients who need not only legal opinions but also practical solutions. As a result, LexVeritas particularly impresses clients with its problem-solving ability, the determination and competence to achieve client’s goals. 


Values | 价值观

  • Optimization of resources: strives to identify diverse talents, keep in close line with technology development and always optimizes human and technology resources to deliver cost-effective services
  • Problem-solving oriented: aims to assist clients resolving their issues, rather than handing out complex opinions without solving problems
  • Connecting Chinese sports with international best practices: aspires to bring world-class professional sports law practice to Chinese sports, and be the initiator in Chinese sports' modernization / reformation process 

Selected Experience | 经验(节选)

  • Provided legal and strategic advice to a Chinese sports association in response to an international dispute before the sports' world governing body
  • As legal and strategic advisor to a major international sports federation,  designs legal and policy framework to maximize the commercial values of existing IP and manage relations with athletes, member associations, sponsors and other stakeholders
  • Represented a major Chinese state owned entity in an ICC arbitration against its Southeast Asian joint venture partner; the value in dispute exceeded USD 100 million
  •  Represented a PRC company in an HKIAC arbitration involving an investment dispute
  •  Successfully represented a US company in a PRC court proceeding to enforce a foreign arbitral award in China under the New York Convention 

Publications | 发表专著

  • Lessons from the Jurisdictional Battle: a Case Analysis of Pingan v. Belgium”, 仲裁与法律(Arbitration and Law), Issue 131 (First Runner-up in the 2015 “Zhong Lun Cup” International Commercial Arbitration Essay Competition)
  • Book Review of Suzannah Linton (ed.), Hong Kong’s War Crimes Trials”, Journal of International Criminal Justice (2016), Oxford University Press 
  • Retrieving a Missing Piece of Past: A Book Review of Hong Kong’s War Crimes Trials”, Chinese Year book of International Law (2015), Law Press China, April 2016
  • Asylum Seekers Could Be Quality Migrants”, Economic Journal Insight, 22 May 2015
  • Civil Disobedience: Lessons of Courage from Hong Kong War Crimes Trials”, Economic Journal Insight, 18 May 2015
  • Citizen four: A Moving Story of Choices and Beliefs”, Economic Journal Insight, 6 May 2015