LexVeritas Core Values | 核心价值观


We Are Different | 与众不同

Our lean and flexible business model enables us to offer high-quality legal services at customized rates which take into account the needs of our clients and the particulars of each matter


Our distinct identity offers something fresh, dynamic and user-friendly:


  • 强强联手的跨境服务专家

Excellent network of professionals, qualified to assist our clients’ multi-jurisdictional needs


  • 人性化服务

Minimal bureaucracy and a streamlined working process, to provide cost-effective advice with a personal touch


  • 解决问题为导向

Problem solvers, our proactive, hands-on approach is not only to deliver sound advice, but also to take action when required


  • 求真务实

Commercially minded, we deliver pragmatic, sound business solutions;


  • 知行合一,与客户共赢

We aspire to forge a long-term, win-win relationship with our clients

我们会以行动实践愿景 - 与客户建立长期、共赢的良好关系

  • 创新永无止境 

LexVeritas Sports and International Law Team is committed to continuous innovation to optimize client experience. We partner with selective, value-added professionals across the globe and are thus capable of customizing one-stop, problem-solving oriented solutions that achieve each client's goals