China Sports Law Week’19 | 2019中英体育法律周

29 July 2019 | Agent 足球经纪人合规实务


Nick de Marco QC held a seminar to Chinese participants on FIFA regulation of agents and practical issues in representing players.

30 July 2019 | Sponsors 赞助商圆桌会议


Roundtable event on sponsorship issues in sports such as ambush marketing and betting. ClubFootball FC and Beijing Youth Championships presented their sponsors' package.

31 July 2019 - Grassroots Football is GREAT Day


Nick de Marco QC commented on the cultural, economic, and legal significance of English football. Coach Alex of ClubFootball FC delivered an orientation on English football system.

1 August 2019 | Sports Insurance and Broadcasting Rights 体育保险与转播权


BaoZhunNiu, a sports insurance company, delivered a seminar on sports insurance. The participants discussed broadcasting rights protection in sports.

2 August 2019 | BAC Sports Dispute Resolution Forum 北仲名所论坛 - 体育争议解决


Nick de Marco QC and Guo Cai delivered keynote speeches at the Sports Dispute Resolution Forum hosted by the Beijing Arbitration Commission as part of its Forum for Selected Professionals.

3 August 2019 | Summer Soccer Family Fun 足球仲夏夜 - 万国群星家庭日


Coach Rob of ClubFootball FC, assisted by Michael Zhan, delivered a sharing session for parents on how football could help child development. Coaches Rob, Sam and Michael also hosted a football class to kids present.

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