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Who We Are | 关于我们

Legal Experts | 法律专家

We are highly motivated international lawyers. Trained at the world's best law schools, alumni of leading global law firms, and qualified to practice in multiple jurisdictions, we are uniquely positioned to advise on international transactions and dispute resolution.


Passionate Individuals | 热诚的人

We understand there is a human aspect to every legal problem. Just as we are passionate about the practice of law, we also care deeply about the people we work with. Our aim is to deliver high-quality work while forging congenial bonds of trust, empathy, and respect. 

我们理解每一个法律问题都包含着与人相关的因素。我们不仅对法律执业充满热诚,也同样真挚地关心着每一个法律事项 所涉之人。我们在努力提供优质服务的同时,也致力与相关的人们建立富有信任、同理心与互相尊重的关系。

Innovative Solutions | 创新的综合解决方案

LexVeritas Team is committed to continuous innovation to optimize client experience. We partner with selective, value-added professionals across the globe and are thus capable of customizing one-stop, problem-solving oriented solutions that achieve each client's goals.


Why Us | 为什么选择我们

We Are Different | 与众不同

  • Our lean and flexible business model enables us to offer high-quality legal services at customized rates which take into account the needs of our clients and the particulars of each matter


  • Our  distinct identity offers something fresh, dynamic and user-friendly:


Excellent network of professional lawyers | 强强联手

Service with a personal touch | 人性化服务

Problem-solving oriented | 以解决问题为导向

At the forefront of tech innovation | 拥抱技术创新

Pragmatic, commercially minded | 求真务实

Aspire for win-win relations | 知行合一,与客户共赢

Download LexVeritas Bulletins | 原创体育法期刊

2019.11-2019 (Issue 1)-国际体育法月刊(总第1期) (pdf)


2020.01 - 蓄势待发:2019 中国体育法年度小结 (pdf)


2020.01 - 2019 Review on Sports Law Development in China (EN) (pdf)